Membership Committee

Membership Committee Report May, 2018 by Patty McDonnell and Barbara Kmetz

The ARTC membership Committee collaborates with the affiliate organizations on ways to recruit and retain membership. The focus has been on developing ways to inform retirees of the need to belong to an organization that supports the issues of concern to them. The committee developed and distributed a survey to identify issues of importance to ARTC members. An analysis of the results will guide ARTC to better communication with its members. Come join us! We are interested in your ideas. The committee meets month, on the third  Wednesday of the month. You are encouraged to join.



Become a member of NFCRTA

Membership in NFCRTA is $15 per year. 

Fill out the form in the download at the end of this page.

Checks are to be made out to NFCRTA

Dues are to be mailed to:

Libby Kasimer 
88 Hillandale Road, 
Danbury, CT 06811

Become a member of ARTC

NFCRTA is an affiliate of ARTC - 
The Association of Retired Teachers Organization advocates for the rights of retired teachers. Please consider joining this organization.

To join, go to ARTC membership page.

How are your dues membership used?

Your dues help pay for important mailings and is the only source of support for the Mary Edgett and Memorial Scholarships awarded  to future teachers.

Your Membership in ARTC helped to accomplish:

ARTC lobbied vigorously to maintain a Connecticut tax exclusion for retired teachers. While we were unable to maintain the 50% exclusion as promised for 2017, we were able to maintain the law for 2019.

The law implementing the 50% tax exclusion on y9ur CT pension income has been delayed for two years. In 2017 and 2018, 25% of your teacher retirement income will be excluded from state income tax. 

The state has agreed to make a 25% contribution to our Health insurance Premium Account over the next two years This is less than the promised 33% contribution. There remains concerns about the funds sustainability in the future.


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