NFCRTA Executive Board

Contact us at

Rona Rothhouse, President  

Sharon Cooke - Vice-President 

Catherine Baker - Secretary   

Libby Kasimer - Treasurer      

William Murray - Legislative  

June Jones - Membership   

Joretta Kilcourse - Webmaster  

Kay Santuro - Scholarship 


Sunshine Committee

We would like to send a card to members who need cheering up from an illness, or to the family of members who have passed away. 

Contact the committee at to let us know.

Mailing State Retirement Board?

Should any retiree be using the US Postal Service (mail) to send anything to the State Teachers' Retirement Board, 

please remember to only use the address below and not use the words 'State of CT' in the address.

We recommend sending mail to STRB at:
CT Teachers' Retirement Board
765 Asylum Avenue
Hartford, CT 06105