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Insurance News

Learn about the Retired Teacher Health Insurance Crisis. Upcoming changes to the TRB Health Plan The Teachers' Retirement Board is implementing a Medicare Advantage (MA) Plan effective July 1, 2018. It is a change from Sterling & Sterling. 


NFCRTA awards two scholarships each year to high school seniors who are entering college as education majors.  


NFCRTA has two luncheon meetings a year. Join us to learn about issues for Connecticut's retired teachers. 

Our next luncheon will be in October 2018.


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Political Update from ARTC


In the past gubernatorial elections, ARTC has been fortunate to have the major candidates for office
attend our fall luncheons. ARTC is a non-partisan organization. Membership dues to ARTC are NOT
used to contribute to any candidate or political party. We invite candidates to learn their positions on retired teachers' key issues. Once again for our fall luncheon this October, we invited the two major
party candidates for governor to attend.

Ned Lamont accepted our invitation and will attend. Bob Stefanowski has declined our invitation to the luncheon despite four additional separate invitation attempts in both emails and phone conversations with his schedulers.

With the projections of future state deficit budgets, we are concerned with the sustainability of our
pension and health insurance funds. We welcome all our members of every political persuasion to come hear Ned Lamont's position and views concerning our vital issues of pension and health insurance on October 23, 2018 at the Aqua Turf.

Retired Teachers of Connecticut Pension/Insurance Crisis

Pension Fund

  • Our pension is under attack! The State has established a Commission on Pension Sustainability. Ben Barnes, Office of Plicy Management, while looking for State assets to the pension fund, has cautioned the commission members that the State needs to control retirement benefits. Any changes to the defined benefit pension will significantly impact new hires as well as future retirees.
  • Active teachers saw an increase of 1% pension contribution. They now contribute 7% of the income to the retirement fund
  • The increase in teachers' contributions to the fund is being used to reduce the State's contribution to the fund - not to increase overall funding of the pension or to reduce the billion unfunded liability.

Health Insurance Fund

  • The Teachers' Health Insurance und that active and retired teachers Pay into is compromised.
  • Because the State has short funded the Health Fund by well over $190 million over past years, the TRB was forced into a Medicare Advantage Plan. This is a temporary fix.
  • Coverage and premiums for all retired teachers changed as of July 1, 2018.
  • Retired teachers pay all their Medicare premiums and the bulk of their supplemental costs. the intent of the health Insurance un was to help defray these costs.

State Income Tax on Pensions

  • The State postponed the 50% income tax exclusion bill for retired teachers. Because teachers do no have Social Security, this is a fairness issue. There is also an economic issue since 26% of retired teachers, about 9000, have chosen to leave the state upon retirement.

Retired Teachers do not hav a union. We do not have a contract with the State. We rely on the Legislature to hear our voices and to keep the State's promises.

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